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Budoni and surroundings

hotel cala mirto

Hotel Cala Mirto in Tanaunella, in the town of Budoni, is only a few steps from the sea, in an impressive bay.

Budoni is located in the North-Eastern Sardinia, in the sub-historical region of Baronie, bordering the Gallura and San Teodoro.
The village is situated near small creeks and long wide beaches modeled by white sand and crystal clear sea.

The territory, surrounded by many hills, includes several ponds and wetlands of great ecological importance, where you can observe the typical vegetation composed by reeds and tamarisks, and fauna of great value, such as the pink flamingo and the purple swamphen.

Among the most important villages there is Agrustos, on the border between Budoni and San Teodoro, built along a strategic gateway between the sea and the land; Tanaunella with its urban layout typical of a nuragic village; Berruiles, that along with San Silvestro, Nuditta and Maiorca form a cluster whose origins date back to the medieval period.

To these we have to add S’Iscala, Muriscuvò, Limpiddu, Solità, San Gavino, San Lorenzo, Tamarispa, San Pietro, Lutturai, Strugas, Malamurì, Ottiolu, Birgalavò, Luttuni, Lu Linnalvu and at last Ludduì.