HOTEL CALA MIRTOLoc. Port Ainu - 07051 - Budoni (SS)  +39 0784 837344


Cala Mirto Hotel

Mix di profumi della Sardegna…

Mix of scents from Sardinia

The scents you will smell at the Hotel Cala Mirto will remain etched in your memories
guarding deep emotions,
from the first moment you step into this enchanting almost hidden refuge,
you will be surrounded by bushes of myrtle, helichrysum, mint, lavender, rosemary hedges, strawberry trees, olive trees, jasmine, pomegranate, juniper, lemons
in short, you will find yourself in an olfactory jewel,
a real aerosol that heals the soul,
its fragrances instill a sense of peace, overflowing with positive energy, joyful and happy scents that instill lightheartedness, with deliciously fruity and fresh aromas.
A magic that only the nature of the Hotel Cala Mirto can do ...

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